the end of the beggining

It’s the end of 2016 and the end of each grade six students last day at primary school. I have been in Mr. Gibson’s class for 3 years now and will miss the school inevitably. I will miss the Teachers the people and mini (our class turtle) but mostly I will miss the place.  one of my favorite people john green once said ” how strange and lovely it is to be anything at all” indeed it is


Goodbye RCPS.

By Izzy MU7 2016

camp review

camp review

This year in 2016 in term 3 we went to camp adanac for this years school camp.
We did activaties such as flying fox, raft building,water slide, hockey
, Archery, damper, volley ball and rope course.We went for a bush walk
at night time then we all went to the camp fire and were singing songs
and dancing.
we all had a really fun time at our last camp in primary.

Daniel’s book review

Daniel‘s book recommendation

The Hunger Games

Age range: 10 – 17

If you have read the some of the Harry Potter books, you will like this book. It is a fantasy book based in the future.


Katniss Everdeen has been selected to take part in the 74th Hunger Games, a challenge where 24 tributes fight to the death, in a arena made by the Capitol. She is then forced to fight against other tributes, some that have trained for their whole entire life. Will she survive? Read to find out.


The Hunger Games book cover

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Goodbye Riddells creek PS

goodbye Riddells creek Primary School!
I’m Gonna miss you Mr. Gibson you’re a great teacher and I have enjoyed being in your class for 2 years I have learnt a lot throughout the years I’ve been in your class and I’m going to miss you and all the teachers next year.
it is going to be so different next year being in high school. I’d also like to say goodbye to a special friend, Izzy I’ going to miss you so much goodbye! 🙂 Sam

Book review: Goose Girl shannon hale.

Book recommendation:

Author: Shannon hale goose girl
Title: Goose girl
Age: 12 and beyond
It may interest you if you enjoy reading: fairy tale retellings
Description: Ani has spent her entire life in kildenree. One day her mother tells her she must go to the far off land of bayern to wed the young prince whom she has never seen. In the forest she is overthrown by her serving maid who intends to marry the prince and start a war with kildenree.
How will Ani stop her??
Other books by shannon hale: enna burning, river secrets, forest born, the book of a thousand days.

Lego robotics 2016!!!

Last week in mu7 we started doing lego robotics. We had the choice to do a dance bot, a sumo bot or a line tracking bot. The sumo bots get a 1 metre diameter circle. If it goes out of the circle the robot is disqualified. If the robot gets pushed out of the circle by the other robot the robot who pushed it out of the circle wins!

To win a dance bot comp you must follow the beat and stay within the 3 metro diameter
circle. Tracker bots must simply follow a line. The better your robot does the harder the line gets till there is only one robot left, the reigning champion!!!

Lego Robotics 2016! on PhotoPeach

100 Story Building




On the second last day of term 2 MU7 went to the 100 Story Building. We caught a train to Footscray with BU1. We walked with  BU1 to the 100 Story Building and then walked all the way to the Footscray Market. We did a scavenger hunt in groups and had to find different things at different shops and record it. When we had finished we walked back to the 100 Story Building and waited for BU1 to exit the building then we went inside. We got to write comic books with heroes and villains. We saw a lot of books, a story vending machine and loads more. We had so much fun and hope to go there again soon.



Mount Alexander Chess Tournament 2016


On the 26th of May a team of 15 students in grade 5/6 went to the Mount Alexander Chess Tournament in Castlemaine.  We entered 3 teams the Dragons the Miners and the Rookies.  We played 6 games our finishing result was 1st place in Division 2 which the rookies. We all played really well and had lots of FUN!! IMG_1881 IMG_1882

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